June’s Story

"I was new in town, didn’t have family support close by and I had two babies 18 months apart."

My Home-Start volunteer came into my world when I felt pretty low and out of control. I was in a new town, didn’t have family support close to me and I had two babies 18 months apart.

From her first visit, I felt like we were friends. She really enjoyed my boys, constantly praising them and they enjoyed her as well. My older son had serious separation issues and to see him comfortable with our volunteer seemed like a miracle.
Each week my volunteer offered an ear and an open heart. She encouraged me and showed me places where I could get help. She understood me and helped me to see positives in my life and in my boys. She would talk a bit about her grandsons, and I felt like I was almost part of her extended family.

Every single week she attended a local playgroup with us to help with my younger boy while I spent time with my older son. She even helped to integrate my big boy into a local occasional care provider. Nothing seemed too much for her. She was more than a volunteer. She was an angel.

The Home-Start program was nothing short of a lifeline for me during that rough time. What really changed my world was the heart, the strength, the genuine care and actions of my volunteer. I love her with all my heart.