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Eat Move Live

Helping parents provide healthy food for their children.

Developed in Newcastle by Home-Start’s Val Watson, a nutritionist with 30+ years experience, Eat Move Live is a children’s nutrition program that’s designed to help parents provide healthy, tasty and affordable food and activities for their children and the whole family.

Parents or kids can participate, getting hands-on with a range of foods to learn about good nutrition, healthy exercise, suitable amounts of screen time and how to deal with fussy eaters.

Originally designed to prevent childhood obesity, Eat Move Live helps parents understand what’s in processed food, suitable serving sizes, healthy lifestyle choices and how nutrition affects a child’s developing brain.

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Available in:

All areas by arrangement, and can be tailored for your group or community.

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Eat Move Live can be delivered face to face or online, for small groups and individual families. Designed for parents of kids under 8 years. It includes:


Customised workshops


Fully flexible delivery


Website resource


Cheap, quick & healthy recipes


Take home resources


Designed for kids under 8 years