Parenting Programs

Family Workers deliver practical parenting programs and training to parents, both individually and in small groups.

We are flexible to the needs of each community and work with families on an individual basis, so our parenting programs are delivered where and when they are requested. Not every program is available in every location. Please check with the Family Worker in your local area for more information.

All programs are free for families to attend.

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Our Parenting Programs

Black Box Parenting is a non-blaming program developed specifically for the challenges of parenting after violence.
Trauma has an incredibly damaging effect on a young, developing brain. Trauma and violence significantly impact attachment and a child’s sense of security. This can directly influence a child’s behaviour. The program helps parents manage their feelings, and trains them to help their child navigate and regulate their emotions. Includes strategies for play to enable a child to give voice to their emotions. Especially helpful for foster carers.

5 x 2 hour group sessions
Parents & carers only

This is an integrated suite of activities and tools that are unique and offer all parents and carers a fresh way to understand and enact relationships with their children. It supports the development of mindful and positive relationships between parents/carers and children. The program aims to support parents to review and enhance their patterns of communication with their children, to promote more respectful interactions and encourage the development of children’s positive self-identity.

Parent & child
Flexible delivery options

Circle of Security is a world renowned, evidence-based program that helps parents form a strong attachment to their child so they can build a solid relationship.
The program also looks at the parent’s role in helping their kids regulate emotions and become independent. In this way, parents support their children to build secure relationships with other people.

8 x 2 hour sessions, weekly
Parents only
Take-home resources, including visual aids

123 Magic allows parents to establish an effective, appropriate behaviour management system that helps children listen and be self-motivated.

Suitable for kids aged 2-12 years
5 x 2 hour sessions
Parents & carers only

This program focuses on enabling the growth of healthy relationships between parents and their children. It is designed for families experiencing challenging life circumstances that impact on the family working together, such as depression, anxiety, family conflict or financial stress. It combines psychological principles relating to parenting, child behaviour and emotional regulation. Parents Under Pressure explores key life areas for parents such as emotional regulation, problem solving, attachment, health and wellbeing, support networks, engaging children in play and managing addictions

0-8 years
Parents & child
Flexible delivery options

The Resilience Donut helps children, adolescents and adults to identify and combine their strengths to build resilience. It enables individuals to take responsibility for their own wellbeing and build competence to face adversity and deal with times of rapid change. With its focus on strengths and encouragement to do more of ‘what’s working’, the program promotes developmental change throughout an organisation, within individuals, their families and communities.

Parents & children
0-8 years

Developed by a nutritionist with more than 30 years experience working wiith children and families, Eat Move Live is a children’s nutrition program that’s designed to help parents provide healthy, tasty and affordable food and activities for their children and the whole family. Parents and kids participate together, getting hands-on with a range of foods to learn about good nutrition, healthy exercise, suitable amounts of screen time and how to deal with fussy eaters.

Originally designed to prevent childhood obesity, Eat, Move, Live helps parents understand what’s in processed food, suitable serving sizes, healthy lifestyle choices and how nutrition affects a child’s developing brain. The Eat, Move, Live program can be delivered on-line and in person, for small groups and individuals.

8 x 2hr workshops
Online resources
Cheap, quick & healthy recipes
Take-home resources
Designed for kids under 8years

Triple P is a flexible, practical way to develop the skills, strategies and confidence parents and carers need to handle any situation.
Backed by decades of research, Triple P has helped more than 4 million children and their families worldwide. Develop stronger relationships with your kids and a happier home.
Workbook & resources are part of the program, including 10 Parenting Tips and printable behaviour charts.
Childcare is sometimes provided, but please check your location.

8 x 2 hour sessions, weekly
For individual parents or small groups (max 7)
Delivered at-home or centre-based
Designed for kids up to 8 years
Parents & carers only program
Support the work of Home-Start Australia