From our families

Kristina’s Story

"To have the practical support from our volunteer is just amazing. I’d be a mess without her."

Ann came today and was absolutely amazing like she always is…She walked into the house and I was almost having a meltdown. The baby was unwell and in hospital yesterday and my house was a disaster zone. She helped me get on top of things. I am so grateful, words can’t express how much having her come over has changed my life and helped me stay sane.

I know I’ve told you before but Ann truly is my guardian angel. I look forward to Mondays like they are Christmas Day. After having the girls in hospital on Thursday and my son sent home sick from day care, to have practical support from Ann is just amazing. I’d be a mess without her. Thank you again.

Hope’s Story

"My volunteer helped me connect with my babies."

I watched my volunteer interact with my boys. She would sit with them on the rug, playing games and singing songs, and they really loved it. It just hadn’t occurred to me that I could enjoy my children. Instead, I felt angry, resentful, tired and I felt like they had ruined my life.

My volunteer helped me connect with my babies. She modelled for me how to play with and enjoy my children and it happened in my own home, using my own resources. And now I enjoy playing with my boys. I like to be with them, and I enjoy their company.

Ana’s Story

"We don’t have family here, so it’s very difficult to be a mother."

I was born in in another country so we have no regular visitors. We don’t have our mothers, fathers, aunties or uncles. We don’t have our families around so it’s very difficult to be a mother. Home-Start is priceless.

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From our volunteers

Carrie’s Story

"Knowing that you are making a difference in a family's life is priceless."

Volunteering with Home-Start has been the most rewarding experience. Knowing that you are making a difference in a family’s life is priceless. To witness first-hand the changes that happen from the first visit to your next and months beyond is phenomenal. Strangers become like family. Watching the children grow and blossom has been the absolute highlight of this amazing journey.

Vanessa’s Story

"Being a Home-Start volunteer has been an amazing experience."

Being a Home-Start volunteer has been an amazing experience. I love it. I was matched perfectly and now we are great friends. I’m learning more about friendship, child development and everyday life. I love seeing my Home-Start family and they give me such joy.

Jennifer’s Story

"Every visit is a highlight."

Every visit is a highlight. Seeing the smiling faces waiting at the front door for me to arrive, to the big cuddles when I leave. The best feeling is seeing the mum’s mood completely change from when I get there to when I go home; from sad to happy and with a sense of achievement for both of us.

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