From our families

Hope’s Story

"My volunteer helped me connect with my babies."

I watched my volunteer interact with my boys. She would sit with them on the rug, playing games and singing songs, and they really loved it. It just hadn’t occurred to me that I could enjoy my children. Instead, I felt angry, resentful, tired and I felt like they had ruined my life.

My volunteer helped me connect with my babies. She modelled for me how to play with and enjoy my children and it happened in my own home, using my own resources. And now I enjoy playing with my boys. I like to be with them, and I enjoy their company.

Ana’s Story

"We don’t have family here, so it’s very difficult to be a mother."

I was born in in another country so we have no regular visitors. We don’t have our mothers, fathers, aunties or uncles. We don’t have our families around so it’s very difficult to be a mother. Home-Start is priceless.

Jenny’s Story

"It gave me the energy and motivation to get things done."

When my Home-Start Volunteer arrived each week it gave me the energy and motivation to get things done because there were times I just couldn’t bother because I felt alone and overwhelmed.

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From our volunteers

Ashleigh’s Story

"I am more content with my quiet life."

Home-Start volunteering isn’t wearing me out. It’s quite the opposite. My family say they notice the difference in me, which I can only put down to the fact that I smile a lot more, as I am more content with my quiet life. Especially when I compare it to the disruption in the triplets’ parents’ life! I am looking forward to my next visit. Thank you, Home-Start.

Pat’s Story

"In helping others, my soul is being restored."

Before I started working as a Home-Start volunteer, I thought I’d be helping out a family in need, but I think I’ve received more benefit than I could possibly give.

I look forward each week to visiting my Home-Start family and hearing about their development and achievements during the past week.
It is my pleasure to volunteer each week. I really admire the parents that I’m paired with. They are amazing, so organised and they really appreciate my help.

Volunteering with Home-Start has helped me cope with the death of my son by providing a focus separate from my own situation. It’s very rewarding to feel valued and that my assistance is appreciated.

The training was confronting at times, dealing with personal issues such as domestic violence, but at the same time it brought healing to me after many years of suppressing my hurt and the impact it had on my own children. In helping others, my soul is being restored.
Visiting my Home-Start family is the highlight of my week. The children are so delightful. Their energy, enthusiasm and sheer joy lights up my life. I go home physically drained some weeks but emotionally uplifted.

Jennifer’s Story

"Every visit is a highlight."

Every visit is a highlight. Seeing the smiling faces waiting at the front door for me to arrive, to the big cuddles when I leave. The best feeling is seeing the mum’s mood completely change from when I get there to when I go home; from sad to happy and with a sense of achievement for both of us.

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